Hi there! My name is Jolene and I am the person behind the camera at Inoriz Photography.

First let me explain the name – Inoriz is pronounced “Ee-noh-reez” and I am a little shy to admit that this was a nickname from my teenage years where I used it on internet forums and on my personal blog. It is however something which I have chosen to keep as it invokes memories of my youth. We all have a desire within us to remain youthful, don’t we?

I live in the beautiful suburbs of greater Hobart, Tasmania and I am a wife to an amazing, supportive man and a mum to 4 incredibly funny children. I see them growing and changing from week to week and this inspires me to capture as many moments as I can because I will never get to enjoy these moments again. Memories fade. Photographs help us to remember and are so important to our lives. I strongly believe one of the most cherished items any household can have are photographs of loved ones. I absolutely love showing my children photographs of my husband and myself as little babies and also photos of our parents and grandparents!

I don’t want to be hired to click a button (anybody can do that!) I don’t want to just produce stiff and impersonal portraits. My desire is to get to know you and your family and capture the emotions and connections, the bond that brings you together, the love that is shared between you and your family. My wish is to gift all families in Hobart with art pieces that represent their love and connection displayed proudly on their walls and albums. Photographs that you will cherish for generations, for your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren – so that they may be able to show their children the love that exists within you.

Are you ready to create genuine and fun memories with me? Tell me your story and we can continue your narrative though photography.

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
Ralph Hattersley

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